Wholesale Roc-Star Ice Cream for Restaurants

Ice Cream with SprinklesHow much would your guests enjoy a signature ice cream flavor found only at your restaurant? How great would you feel knowing you are serving the best ice cream to your diners?

Whether you want to go all the way and design a flavor with us, or just serve one of the delicious flavors we already make, Roc-Star can help ensure that your guests leave with a satisfied sweet tooth. Signature desserts – something found ONLY at your restaurant – can help increase check size and boost customer traffic.

Come up with a unique name that's synonymous with your restaurant and tell us what flavors to feature and we'll come up with the perfect ice cream to serve up any way you like.

Examples of signature desserts/flavors

Symeon's Baklava Ice Cream – Symeon himself worked with Roc to create this baklava ice cream cup. A hand-crafted phyllo cup is filled with Roc-Star's vanilla ice cream and baklava pieces and then topped with honey, walnuts and whipped cream. Delicious!

Piggy Pat's Pink Passionate Pig Pooh – In keeping with the restaurant's pink pig theme, this pink-colored mint chip ice cream is the perfect dessert after enjoying some of Piggy Pat's barbecue!

Spaghetti Kettle Spumoni – This delicious dessert features layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream along with a layer of cherry-studded cherry ice cream and pistachio-filled pistachio ice cream that is then sliced and served. Mangia!

Restaurants featuring Roc-Star ice cream

  • Nola's in Clinton
  • Mario's in Oriskany Falls
  • Casa Too Mucha in New Hartford
  • Hamilton Eatery in Hamilton
  • Brookfield General Store in Brookfield

The sky's the limit on what we can do for your restaurant! Contact us today to see about featuring Roc-Star ice cream or a signature dessert at your restaurant.